Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Watermark Publishing - Hawaii

I recently discovered this cool site - Le Chic - Daily finds for life and style in Hawaii. This website reminds me of the Daily Candy emails I get delivered to my inbox every day - but the site is all things Hawaiian! Perfect! Today, Le Chic did a feature on a new Hawaiian cookbook release, through Watermark Publishing, which is a homegrown Hawai´i publisher specializing in books about the 50th State. I went to the Watermark Publishing site and was thrilled to find endless books, all about Hawaii. Right now I spend a lot of time at the local library near my house reading books on Hawaii and trying to get the latest and greatest info, especially from the travel guides as they are updated every year. I have wanted to buy some Hawaii books but wasn't sure what the best ones were to purchase. Now I know where to go to get the best selection of local Hawaiian books, at a good price. Check out their website for the complete selection.

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