Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Hawaii Trivia - Hawaiian Culture

Can you believe it's Friday again? This week has gone so fast thanks to the multiple projects at work that have kept me strapped to my computer for the majority of this week. And it was a four-day week. Only 2 weeks till the Hawaii trip, I am stoked! You know I love Hawaiian culture, so how about a quiz? Good luck!


1. When is the pidgin phrase da kine used?
2. In addition to the British Union Jack, what do the eight red, white and blue stripes represent on the Hawaiian State flag?
3. What does haole mean?
4. What is Honolulu's record low temperature?
5. When were women allowed to join the HPD (Honolulu Police Department)?

1. Whenever you can't think of a word, but the listener knows what you mean.
2. The eight major islands of Hawaii
3. Caucasian.
4. Fifty-three degrees Fahrenheit.
5. 1975.

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Resisting Diastole said...

NATALIE! I don't know if I emailed you at the right address or not, but I might be coming to Seatle. What are your plans from the 27th onwards? email me!