Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Days of the Week and Numbers

Most language phrasebooks contain fairly standard words and phrases for use during your vacation, and Hawaiian phrasebooks are no different. I am inclined to wonder whether you would start reciting the numbers 1-10 or the days of the week on your vacation, but you never know when you might need that kind of information. Here are the days and numbers you may want or need to use while in Hawaii while on your well-deserved vacation!

Days of the Week
Monday: akahi
Tuesday: alua
Wednesday: akolu
Thursday: ’ahā
Friday: alima
Saturday: aono
Sunday: lāpule

One: 'Ekahi
Two: 'Elua
Three: 'Ekolu
Four: 'Ehā
Five: 'Elima
Six: 'Eono
Seven: 'Ehiku
Eight: 'Ewalu
Nine: 'Eiwa
Ten: 'Umi

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