Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I shared with my team mates at work this week that in Australia we don't celebrate Halloween the same way that Americans do - however, in an attempt to immerse myself in US culture we bought a pumpkin and a bunch of candy (although I probably won't share that with the kids that knock on our front door, that will be all for me). We are going out for dinner tonight instead of being festive (I am wondering how fun trick-or-treating in Seattle could possibly be when it's always raining). The cats did get into the spirit - Squid's favorite food is pumpkin and Batman is a very cute black cat. Happy Halloween everyone!

Hawaii Foodie Buzz

There was a great article in Pacific Business News this week about two Hawaiian restaurants making the list of top 40 Best Restaurants in the US (as selected by Gayot), one of those being Chef Mavro Restaurant. I was lucky enough to dine there when my mom came to visit Hawaii in 2007. I met Chef Mavro (see pic) and took a bunch of pictures of the food, but sadly turned the menu of the evening over to my former boss back at the Seafood School in Sydney, so I can't remember the names of the dishes we ate. What I do remember though was the amazing experience we had, the local produce we tried, and the excellent wines that were matched to the food. Chef Mavro is a deserving recipient of this award - congrats Chef! Below is a picture of a dish made with goat's cheese from the Big Island, which I actually got two servings of because it was so delicious!

The other restaurant from Hawaii in the top 40 list was Ono Hawaiian Foods, which I have not yet experienced, but have added to my list for our vacation in February. From a quick glance at their website I noticed that the food is cheap and the local produce is abundant - something I am always proud to promote. I did notice that Spam is on the menu - which is I would expect and still find funny to think about (refer to yesterday's post on Spam for more info).

Congratulations to these two restaurants. As a huge fan of Alan Wong's I am disappointed that they didn't make the list, but they do feature prominently on other best restaurant lists throughout the world. Be sure to check out all these places on your next Hawaiian vacation - you won't be disappointed!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spam in Hawaii

I bet you are wondering what this post is about. Not email spam, but in fact SPAM in a can. That's right, the highly processed and reconstituted pork product in a can. You have to go to their website for a laugh - it's one of the funniest sites I have seen in a while. In case you didn't know, Hawaiian people are obsessed with Spam. It was introduced during World War II, when fresh meat was scarce. In the US, Hawaiian people eat the most amount of Spam per capita, with the count being over 16 cans per person each year. Hawaii is the only state in the US where Spam is featured on the McDonald's menu. Burger King in Hawaii has now started offering Spam to compete with McDonald's. Is this crazy or what? Who in their right mind would eat Spam as a replacement to fresh meat? Lots of people by the looks of it! The perception of Spam in Hawaii is very different to the perception on the mainland - it is now a staple in the diets of many in Hawaii and - I hate to say this - is sometimes considered a delicacy....ewww.
I wanted to share an article with you about Spam etiquette - this article is great - and hilarious. I want to remind my readers that I do NOT eat Spam, nor do I ever plan to. However, I do want to acknowledge that Spam is a cultural thing and I want to be respectful of that. It has been a very affordable and versatile product for a lot of people in the Islands. Just don't try and make me eat it.

The Hawaiians are so crazy about this stuff, that they host an annual Spam Jam Festival , which features live music, food (Spam obviously), crafts and a Mr or Ms. Spam Pageant. I can not wait to experience this once we get back to the Islands. Plenty of Kodak moments to be had. Yum!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Ritz Carlton, Kapalua

I haven't written about my travels to the other Islands as yet. I have been to the other major Islands (Maui, Kauai, Big Island) a few times, so this post is about my trip to Maui with my mom when she came to visit in 2007. She stayed with us in Honolulu and we decided to sneak away for the weekend and head to luxury at the Ritz-Carlton, in Kapalua. We spent a full weekend there, and it was so wonderful that I didn't want to leave. The facilities were amazing, especially the pool and the pool bar! The hotel does have its own private beach, but when you live in Hawaii you tend to get tired of the surf all the time, so relaxing in the huge swimming pool was a nice change. I was used to the heat, and stayed out in the sun for hours (with sunscreen on of course) - but my mom was not so impressed with the need to get fried like a lobster in the sun, so she chose the shade option. Personally I think she wanted to leave the hotel and see a bit more of Maui, but I have decided that after that trip, and a recent trip to the Wynn Las Vegas - I am a resort/relax by the pool/cocktail drinking gal. When we were at the Wynn I could have slept by the pool I loved it so much. Not sure what the obsession is but note to self: purchase a house in a warm area with a pool as soon as possible!

The Ritz-Carlton is made up of a number of guest rooms and suites, at a price for everyone. Mind you, we ate at one of the restaurants for dinner, nothing fancy but the bill was nearly $US400 - so be prepared to bring a few extra $$ with you to fully enjoy the experience and what the hotel has to offer. The one thing I really liked about the hotel was that they used a lot of local ingredients. Hawaii produces a wide variety of food, from Maui onions to goats cheese from the Big Island. Of course, there is also the obvious - pineapple, coffee and sugar cane.

Enjoy some snaps from our vacation. If you have time to go to Maui for the weekend, I would definitely recommend staying at the Ritz-Carlton - I hope I will get the chance to go back one day soon!

One of the wings of the hotel - looking out to the pool

The private Ritz-Carlton Beach

Ahhhh the pool!

Monday, October 27, 2008

So How Do You Get To Hawaii?

There are so many airlines that fly to Hawaii now – but my recommendation is Hawaiian Airlines. I flew with Hawaiian the first time I visited the Islands, and have used their services ever since. They fly to Hawaii from a number of major cities in the US, as well as Sydney, Samoa, Tahiti and the Philippines – perfect for me! They also offer an extensive inter-island service to Maui, Kauai, Big Island, Molokai and Lanai.

Hawaiian airlines is different to other airlines in regards to the experience they provide during flight. I honestly think that their seats are roomier, and that there is more leg room, even in economy. The provide meal service on every flight, which is hard to find with other airlines these days. Most of their employees are from Hawaii, and I think that makes all the difference. They are so laid back and polite, but professional, and provide great service throughout the flight. I have enjoyed every flight I have taken to and from the Islands thanks to the team at Hawaiian Airlines.

If you are like me and travel to Hawaii on a regular basis, I would recommend getting the Hawaiian Airlines Visa Card – you earn Hawaiian miles for every dollar you spend, and at present you can get a return flight from Seattle to Hawaii with 35,000 Hawaiian miles – it sounds like a lot but you would be surprised how quickly the miles add up when you use your credit card for all your household purchases.

Thanks to Hawaiian airlines for the great service – you have a customer for life right here!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hello Kitty

My husband is off to Japan this week on a business trip. His one instruction from me: Stuff as many Hello Kitty items into your suitcase as possible - even if it means leaving clothes behind! That's right, I love Hello Kitty, sometimes more than life itself, and Hawaii is certainly the place to get your Hello Kitty fix. The Sanrio flagship store is located at Ala Moana Center. They have so much Hello Kitty loot, it will make your head spin. You are probably asking, "why does a twenty-something adult love Hello Kitty when its made for kids?" Well my friends, you would be wrong about that assumption. Not sure if you have been to a Hello Kitty store lately, but they have treats for everyone of every age. Check out their website to see not only the biggest collection of Hello Kitty items, but other characters such as Badtz-Maru and Chococat.

My top 5 favorite Hello Kitty Hawaii items are:
  1. Post It notes (available from ABC Stores)
  2. Phone Straps (I have the cutest spam musubi with HK on the top)
  3. Handbags
  4. Coffee mugs
  5. Plush - HK doing the hula

I look forward to showing you my Hello Kitty stash on my blog when John returns from Japan - yipee!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barefoot Bar - Hale Koa Hotel

I had lunch with my good friend Debbie today and we were reminiscing about Hawaii, as she has family that still live there. I was telling her about my trip that we have planned for February, and she mentioned that she loves the Barefoot Bar at the Hale Koa Hotel. I have mentioned this bar before, but after our chat I thought it was definitely worthy of a whole story, especially as how I have probably spent $$ equivalent to the price of a small car on beer and cocktails there! We lived within walking distance, so it was hard not to go there on a regular basis - there must have been some kind of magnetic pull that lured us there every week - or perhaps it was the cheap drinks, great service by Rex the bartender or the fabulous view. Either way this bar has to be on your Hawaiian itinerary next time you travel - and if you are a local and have not yet discovered this place - GET OVER THERE NOW!

The Barefoot Bar has actually grown in size since I first went there in 2005, and now there are a lot more tables in the bar area for big groups and families. However my suggestion is that you sit at the bar. Its often hard to get a seat, but get there early and you should be fine. The same bartenders have been working there forever and they make awesome cocktails. The best part of the Barefoot Bar is the price! Beer is super cheap - John, Jimmy and I have spent the entire day at the bar and only spent $100 - bargain right?! Because the bar is at the Hale Koa Hotel it is very safe; you can only stay at the hotel if you are in the military, so you are surrounded by lots of military guys and their families on vacation, which I found rather comforting. Some of the other bars in Waikiki can get a little crazy after dark but I find that this is not the case at Barefoot - they take care of you.

Here are two of my favorite shots from the bar. I have a photo of Rex the bartender and I somewhere - will post as soon as I find so you know which bartender to ask for the best Long Islands in town! When we go back in February, this will be my first stop after we jump off the plane - ahhh I can't wait!

John & I - You can see the food area behind us - good cheeseburgers and nachos - yum

Jimmy at the bar - oh so happy

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hawaiian Flag

Hawaii Magazine has written a great piece about the history of the Hawaiian flag - you can view here. I have been thinking about writing this piece for a while so it's a coincidence that I happened to find an article in about it in the same week. Very nice story though and I wanted to write about the flag because of the Union Jack - it is also a key piece of the Australian flag, which is why I like the Hawaiian flag so much! It reminds me of home in a way, and with the red, white and blue stripes it reminds me of the American flag with it's red and white stripes. So this flag has a lot of meaning for me.

The key part of the Hawaiian flag history that I like and wanted to share is how the flag became what it is today. Hawaii was once an independent kingdom, from 1810 - 1893. The flag was designed at the request of King Kamehameha I to avoid international conflict (as he had been waving the British flag around for quite some time, and it was thought that Hawaii may be seen as an ally of the United Kingdom should war break out). It has eight stripes of white, red and blue that represent the eight main islands. A ninth stripe was once included to represent the island of Nihoa, but has since been removed. The flag of Great Britain is emblazoned in the upper left corner to honor Hawaii's friendship with the British. Isn't that lovely? Makes me miss the motherland!
The Flags of the World website has some great pictures information about variant designs, and flag-flying days. This is serious stuff! Happy learning!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Giovanni's Shrimp Truck

Driving around the Island of Oahu, you will find that there are a bunch of shrimp farms, hence the abundance of shrimp trucks. I have not had the chance to eat at all of the shrimp trucks (yet - there is only so much shrimp you can eat per Island circle drive) - but the one that was recommended to me and the one I suggest you visit first is Giovanni's Original White Shrimp Truck. They are located on the North Shore and are definitely the most popular of all the shrimp trucks. I have been there twice in a 3 year period, and the good news is that the menu and prices have stayed the same. Here's what you get:

For $US12 (including tax) you have the choice of 12 fresh shrimp cooked in the following ways:

  • Garlic Shrimp - had chunks of garlic in it but its so good
  • Lemon Butter Shrimp - again I love this one, but a little heavy on the butter
  • Spicy Shrimp - I have not dared to try this - as at the counter it clearly states no refunds on the spicy shrimp - suggesting to me that this might blow my head off with the level of heat

All shrimp comes with a side of rice (2 scoops). The shrimp is cooked while you wait, so it takes a few minutes but definitely worth it. Nothing beats good shrimp (or should I say prawns!) - depends who you are talking to!

I only have one warning when purchasing your shrimp - get one plate for yourself, not to share - it is so delicious that you will want to go back for more. Yum.

Monday, October 20, 2008


The word Lei is Hawaiian for garland or wreath. Most commonly a lei is made out of flowers. When you arrive at Honolulu airport you will notice the large number of people waiting to pick up their guests, all with a lei or two in hand. Giving someone a lei is a sign of affection. Plumerias and orchids are popular for use in making leis.

Have you seen the lei stands around the place in Hawaii? At the airport in Honolulu, there is an area filled with stands, dedicated to buying leis for loved ones arriving or departing the Islands. Because they are all tightly packed into this one space, they are often competing amongst each other for your sale, which is sad because the work that goes into these leis is unbelievable. I wish I could afford to buy one from each lei stand! You can barter with them on price, but show some aloha and pay the asking price plus tip - they do a great job! You will also find a number of lei stands in Waikiki, and many of the hotels have people making leis for sale in the lobby. If you are travelling internationally, check your custom inspection laws, as many countries (such as Australia) are very strict and will not let you bring flowers or plants back into the country.

Hawaiians love leis so much that they celebrate Lei Day on May 1 and 2. Not a national holiday but still noteworthy!

So what should you do with your leis if you can't take them home? My suggestion: Head to Waikiki Beach and drape them over the statue of Duke Paoa Kahinu Mokoe Hulikohola Kahanamoku - the man who made surfing one of the most popular sports around - see picture for statue!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Aloha Friday

Well today is Friday, so I can't think of a better today to write about Aloha Friday!

Aloha Friday is a common Hawaiian tradition of celebrating the end of the workweek by wearing more casual attire on Fridays. It initially started because people were trying to promote the aloha shirt. These days a modern aloha shirt can have some intense and out there designs. Some of the most common prints I have seen include palm trees, map of the Hawaiian Islands, flowers and surfboards.

In 1965, Bill Foster, Sr., president of the Hawaii Fashion Guild, started campaigning for "Aloha Friday", being one day that would let men wear aloha shirts on the last work day of the week, only a few months out of the year. Results were positive, and so Aloha Friday officially started in 1966. By 1970, aloha wear had become the norm and was acceptable throughout Hawaii as business attire for any day of the week. Saying that however, I rarely saw women wearing aloha attire at work; I think this tradition is much more acceptable for men; when women wear aloha attire in business it can come across as too casual.

Hawaii's custom of Aloha Friday made its way to the mainland, in particular to California, continuing around the globe until the 1990s, when it became known as Casual Friday.

"Aloha Friday" has become immortalized by Kimo Kahoano and Paul Natto in their 1982 song, "It's Aloha Friday, No Work 'til Monday", which is played every Friday on radio stations across the Islands. Enjoy the song and clip below - and enjoy your Aloha Friday!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Communications Pacific

Christina Kemmer & I

My first job on US soil was at Communications Pacific. Located in downtown Honolulu, this PR agency was awesome! The view from my desk on the penthouse level was breathtaking - I could see straight out to Aloha Tower and beyond. The walls of the office were painted like the ocean and the rain forest, with sea creatures and frogs stuck to the walls! I wish I had taken a picture of it, as that crazy interior decorating no longer exists - the walls were repainted when the company re-branding took place, as you can see on their website.

So, about my job at CommPac - I worked as an Exec Assistant to Christina Kemmer (Now the President), and Bruce Coppa (now the COO). Both Christina and Bruce had amazing backgrounds and experience. Christina was the civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army, which I found most interesting. Bruce had a construction background, and was always on the prowl for new business. He also dabbles in real estate - which will come in handy when John and I finally move back! I got some great experience working with Christina and her team, which at that time was the Community Building Practice. That practice group is now lead by Cindy McMillian, another awesome colleague. Everyone in the group had something unique to bring to the table and it gave me a great chance to learn about Hawaii, its culture, and why we need to take care of the Islands.

A quick story: On my last day of work, the team took me out for lunch, and presented me with a special 'malahini' award - 'malahini' meaning newcomer to Hawaii. It was such a thoughtful gift, and I display it proudly on our bookcase at home. At the restaurant, Cindy was enjoying lunch and minding her own business, when the chair collapsed, and she ended up on the floor. Not funny at the time - but the picture of her and the chair below shows how much damage she did to the chair - nice work Cindy!

Thanks to all my friends at CommPac - I had a great time working with all of you and I can assure you that I will be knocking on the door once we can finally move back to the Islands! Enjoy the photos!

Coochie & Bruce

The "Malahini' Award

Cindy and the chair

Andrew & I

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Oahu is the third largest Hawaiian island and is affectionately known as 'the gathering place'. Oahu is the most populated of all the Islands, with the majority of those people living in its capital, Honolulu.

According to the history books, Oahu was the first island to be seen by Captain Cook - the name explorer who discovered Australia. Man did that guy get around - he discovered half the world!

My love of Oahu came from the first time I stepped out of the plane and into the airport - the smell of the air and the humidity that surrounded me was captivating. All I could smell were flowers and the ocean, it was awesome. Before finally moving to Oahu, I had travelled there three times, each time discovering more and more hidden treasures. I know that a lot of people prefer to travel to the other islands, Maui in particular, but if you really want a true Hawaiian vacation you should definitely spend some time on Oahu. There is definitely more to the island than just Waikiki Beach.

My top 5 things to do when visiting Oahu

  1. Take an Island Circle Tour - by bus is good but you can do yourself

  2. Head to Ala Moana Center

  3. Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay

  4. Walk to the top of Diamond Head

  5. Watch the sunset from Waikiki Beach

I could go on and on about my favorites on Oahu - but here are some pics that remind me and show you what an awesome place it is - not only to visit but to live. Aloha!

Chinaman's Hat

From Here to Eternity Beach

Kalakaua Ave from the Waikiki Gateway Hotel

John near Rabbit Island

Fort DeRussy Beach

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Funny Blog Cartoons

I am having one of those crazy weeks at work, so I thought I would throw some humor into the mix - enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Diamond Head

Diamond Head is one of those landmarks that you associate with Hawaii, in particular Waikiki and the island of Oahu. It can be seen in almost every television or magazine commercial, and unless you are living under a rock its the first thing you notice when you fly in/out of Honolulu.

Diamond Head is known to Hawaiians as Lēʻahi, probably from lae 'browridge, promontory' plus ʻahi 'tuna' because the shape of the ridgeline is similar the shape of a tuna's dorsal fin. The name Diamond Head was decided by British sailors in the 19th century, who thought that calcite crystals embedded in the rock were actually diamonds! That would have been nice - diamonds for all!

You can actually hike to the top of Diamond Head - anyone can do it (in fact I have seen Japanese tourists in high heels do it) - so don't skip this one! It costs $1 to enter the park and take the hike and $5 for parking. It takes around an hour to get up and back, and be sure to take water with you - no ABC stores at the top.

I have included a few shots of Diamond Head as well as proof of my trip - as you can see it is a sight hard to miss.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Hawaiian Sunday

When I lived in Hawaii, Sunday was my favorite day - especially for R&R. The day would usually run like this:

9am: Wake up - look outside - see sun - happiness

10am: Head to the beach - usually Ala Moana Beach Park or perhaps swing by the Hilton Pool

Noon: Grab a cool beverage (probably beer) and be thankful for all things Hawaiian

2pm: Starting to get sunburn - out of the sun and off to Ala Moana Center - one of the biggest shopping malls in the southern hemisphere! All my favorites are here - Hello Kitty, Lacoste, Louis Vuitton, Dior - the list is endless

5pm: Stop by and see John at work - across the street from our house (very convenient)!

6pm: Catch up on shows, do laundry, cook dinner

7pm: Watch the sunset from Pau St

9pm: John gets home - time for dinner

10pm - Bedtime - again being thankful for all things Hawaiian.

What a life! When will it be back??

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lack of Blogging This Week

If anyone is reading my blog and wondering what happened to the regular daily posts, I have been out of action due to a virus/cold/upset stomach. Have had a terrible week - really feeling down. I think if I was able to head to the beach and get some sun things would be different. Ah yes, that is the beauty of living in Hawaii - sun surrounding you almost every day of the year.

Well I hope to be back on track next week - looks like I may have to head to the tanning salon in Seattle to recover!

Monday, October 6, 2008

ABC Stores

ABC Stores are your one-stop-shop for everything you need while on vacation in Hawaii. Similar to Starbucks throughout the US mainland, you will find an ABC store on almost every street corner in Waikiki. If there is anything you forgot to pack in your luggage - more likely than not you will find it here.

The great thing about ABC Stores is that they are very affordable - perfect for those on a budget. They have some terrific Hawaiian products (although if you read the label carefully many products are designed in Hawaii but made in China). They also have fresh fruit, snacks, candy, beer, wine, beach wear and accessories, and my favorite - Hello Kitty Hawaii products - perfect gifts to take home to your friends (or for yourself in my case!)

There are 59 stores in Hawaii - the majority located on Oahu (41 stores). They also have stores in Las Vegas, Guam and Saipan.

Check out their website - you can also buy products online and have them shipped home if your suitcase is already full or overweight!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dog the Bounty Hunter

If you haven't seen this show before - you don't know what you are missing. This show captures the beautiful Hawaiian scenery and landmarks, not to metion Dog capturing all the criminals on the islands, making it a safer place for all. To the unsuspecting tourist, Hawaii is clean and crime-free. However for those that live there, the truth is far from glamorous at times. Drugs (especially Ice) are abused by many in the Islands, and Dog is there to caputre crims and put his spin on rehabitilation, often by way of a pep-talk and a cigarette as they approach the jail.

Duane 'Dog' Chapman has a very colorful past. He is the father to 12 children (yep that's 12), including the junior bounty hunters on the show - Duane Lee, Leland and Baby Lyssa. His current wife, Beth, also stars on the show and boy is she awesome! I have never seen someone move around so fast in heels. What a superwoman! She also keeps Dog in line which he needs from time to time.

So Dog's story is this: He was charged and convicted in 1977 for the murder of Jeremy Oliver, but has always maintained his innocence, and after 1 1/2 years in jail, he was released on probation. He started bounty hunting in Colorado when he got out of jail to make money, and eventually moved to Hawaii where he now runs Da Kine Bail Bonds, with offices on the Big Island, Maui and Oahu.

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been one of the highest rated reality shows on cable since it launched in 2004. It is now broadcast worldwide and the Chapman family have a huge following.

John and I watch the show to remember the good times in Hawaii, but also because Dog is such a celebrity, he has such a good story to tell and his outfits are priceless.

New episodes of Dog the Bounty Hunter air on Wednesday nights on A&E.
Keep up the great work Dog of protecting the Islands - you rock!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jimmy is Getting Married!

Our good friend and long time drinking buddy, Jim Long III popped the question to his girlfriend Sammi a couple of months ago - and so - they are getting MARRIED! Congratulations Jimmy, we are so happy for you!

Johnny and Jimmy have been friends for quite some time, and I think when I showed up in Hawaii that made it hard for the two of them to share the love. I was the third wheel.... but now - its looks like we can go on double dates! When we move back to Hawaii that is!

The top 3 experiences I remember with Jimmy are:

1. 'Live Nudes' walking along Kuhio Ave (not actually real live nudes - just Jimmy screaming out for some)

2. Drinks/photos at the Barefoot Bar - there were too many funny times to share them all here - but Jimmy has an obsession with cameras and taking photos - especially of himself!

3. Going on the submarine ride at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, where I almost died from being in a confined space and Jimmy and Johnny tried to comfort me (while laughing at me together)

We love you Jimmy - and can't wait for the wedding on February 14, 2009.

Here's some pics of the good old days!

Jimmy and the camera

Good times at the Barefoot Bar

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alan Wong's - Honolulu

One of the best dining experiences I had in Hawaii was eating at Alan Wong's Restaurant on King St, Honolulu. Coming from Sydney and being fortunate enough to eat quality produce every day (thanks Sydney Seafood School!) I was thrilled to find a restaurant in Hawaii that served such wonderful local produce.

The first time we went there we had the 5 course degustation. Wow - the whole experience was amazing, from the food, to the service, to the view from the restaurant of the mountains. My favorite dish (and still is to this day), is the Ginger Crusted Onaga; I don't think I have ever eaten fish that was so fresh and tender.

The nice thing about Alan Wong's is that they always ask if you are dining for a special occasion eg. birthday, anniversary etc. And unless you are made of money, it usually is a special occasion! So be prepared for a special birthday dessert, or a selection of dessert samples to share on your anniversary. Not only is this thoughtful, but gives you an opportunity to sample a number of the dessert items that you were dying to try but just didn't have room for!

Alan Wong's also has an amazing selection of coffee - including beans that are roasted at his own plantation in Hawaii.

If you want to support the local economy and have a true Hawaiian experience - this is it. You can find more info about Alan Wong and his culinary ventures on his website - he has a lot of restaurants including one in Japan.

I have attached a few photos of the delicious food to get your mouth watering - enjoy!

Ginger Crusted Onaga - Yum!

Delicious Dessert Sampler