Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barefoot Bar - Hale Koa Hotel

I had lunch with my good friend Debbie today and we were reminiscing about Hawaii, as she has family that still live there. I was telling her about my trip that we have planned for February, and she mentioned that she loves the Barefoot Bar at the Hale Koa Hotel. I have mentioned this bar before, but after our chat I thought it was definitely worthy of a whole story, especially as how I have probably spent $$ equivalent to the price of a small car on beer and cocktails there! We lived within walking distance, so it was hard not to go there on a regular basis - there must have been some kind of magnetic pull that lured us there every week - or perhaps it was the cheap drinks, great service by Rex the bartender or the fabulous view. Either way this bar has to be on your Hawaiian itinerary next time you travel - and if you are a local and have not yet discovered this place - GET OVER THERE NOW!

The Barefoot Bar has actually grown in size since I first went there in 2005, and now there are a lot more tables in the bar area for big groups and families. However my suggestion is that you sit at the bar. Its often hard to get a seat, but get there early and you should be fine. The same bartenders have been working there forever and they make awesome cocktails. The best part of the Barefoot Bar is the price! Beer is super cheap - John, Jimmy and I have spent the entire day at the bar and only spent $100 - bargain right?! Because the bar is at the Hale Koa Hotel it is very safe; you can only stay at the hotel if you are in the military, so you are surrounded by lots of military guys and their families on vacation, which I found rather comforting. Some of the other bars in Waikiki can get a little crazy after dark but I find that this is not the case at Barefoot - they take care of you.

Here are two of my favorite shots from the bar. I have a photo of Rex the bartender and I somewhere - will post as soon as I find so you know which bartender to ask for the best Long Islands in town! When we go back in February, this will be my first stop after we jump off the plane - ahhh I can't wait!

John & I - You can see the food area behind us - good cheeseburgers and nachos - yum

Jimmy at the bar - oh so happy

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Anonymous said...

Oh my - good times!
I have just sent out an email to friends to come check out your posts! You have done a great job! I plan on making this one of my daily stops!!
ALOHA Dear!!