Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hello Kitty

My husband is off to Japan this week on a business trip. His one instruction from me: Stuff as many Hello Kitty items into your suitcase as possible - even if it means leaving clothes behind! That's right, I love Hello Kitty, sometimes more than life itself, and Hawaii is certainly the place to get your Hello Kitty fix. The Sanrio flagship store is located at Ala Moana Center. They have so much Hello Kitty loot, it will make your head spin. You are probably asking, "why does a twenty-something adult love Hello Kitty when its made for kids?" Well my friends, you would be wrong about that assumption. Not sure if you have been to a Hello Kitty store lately, but they have treats for everyone of every age. Check out their website to see not only the biggest collection of Hello Kitty items, but other characters such as Badtz-Maru and Chococat.

My top 5 favorite Hello Kitty Hawaii items are:
  1. Post It notes (available from ABC Stores)
  2. Phone Straps (I have the cutest spam musubi with HK on the top)
  3. Handbags
  4. Coffee mugs
  5. Plush - HK doing the hula

I look forward to showing you my Hello Kitty stash on my blog when John returns from Japan - yipee!!!

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