Thursday, October 16, 2008

Communications Pacific

Christina Kemmer & I

My first job on US soil was at Communications Pacific. Located in downtown Honolulu, this PR agency was awesome! The view from my desk on the penthouse level was breathtaking - I could see straight out to Aloha Tower and beyond. The walls of the office were painted like the ocean and the rain forest, with sea creatures and frogs stuck to the walls! I wish I had taken a picture of it, as that crazy interior decorating no longer exists - the walls were repainted when the company re-branding took place, as you can see on their website.

So, about my job at CommPac - I worked as an Exec Assistant to Christina Kemmer (Now the President), and Bruce Coppa (now the COO). Both Christina and Bruce had amazing backgrounds and experience. Christina was the civilian aide to the Secretary of the Army, which I found most interesting. Bruce had a construction background, and was always on the prowl for new business. He also dabbles in real estate - which will come in handy when John and I finally move back! I got some great experience working with Christina and her team, which at that time was the Community Building Practice. That practice group is now lead by Cindy McMillian, another awesome colleague. Everyone in the group had something unique to bring to the table and it gave me a great chance to learn about Hawaii, its culture, and why we need to take care of the Islands.

A quick story: On my last day of work, the team took me out for lunch, and presented me with a special 'malahini' award - 'malahini' meaning newcomer to Hawaii. It was such a thoughtful gift, and I display it proudly on our bookcase at home. At the restaurant, Cindy was enjoying lunch and minding her own business, when the chair collapsed, and she ended up on the floor. Not funny at the time - but the picture of her and the chair below shows how much damage she did to the chair - nice work Cindy!

Thanks to all my friends at CommPac - I had a great time working with all of you and I can assure you that I will be knocking on the door once we can finally move back to the Islands! Enjoy the photos!

Coochie & Bruce

The "Malahini' Award

Cindy and the chair

Andrew & I

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We miss you too.