Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun Friday Hawaii Trivia

By the end of the week, or by Aloha Friday, I am ready to take a break and relax. With the work I do I find that my mind is sometimes all but gone, so I try to chill out by doing things that are not too taxing on the brain. However I always like a challenge - so how about some fun Friday Hawaii trivia? Check out these questions about Oahu - and see if you know as much about the Island as you think! Answers at the bottom of the post.
1. What is Oahu's nickname?
2. What is the official color of Oahu?
3. What does Honolulu mean?
4. The reef runway at Honolulu International Airport was designed for what emergency?
5. How many soldiers are buried in Punchbowl?
6. What made the Aloha Tower so unique when it opened in 1921?
7. How did Beretania Street get its name?
8. What is Magic Island?
9. How many full time students enrolled in the University of Hawaii when it first opened in 1908?
10. How many miles of beach are located in Waikiki?

Answers - good luck!
1. The gathering place
2. Golden orange
3. Sheltered bay
4. An alternate landing for space shuttles
5. More than 25,000
6. It was the tallest building in Hawaii, standing 10 stories high
7. It was adapted from native Hawaiians attempting to pronounce 'Brittania'
8. A 43-acre man-made peninsula jutting out from Ala Moana Beach Park
9. 5, with 12 teachers
10. 1.4 miles

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Brian Hokama said...

I've lived on Oahu for 30 years and you know more than me :-(