Monday, January 12, 2009

Some Quick Hawaiian Touristy Words You Need!

Ok, so you are heading to Hawaii for vacation and you want to immerse yourself and do as the locals do right? Well, you can't do that unless you get a few phrases under your belt. Whenever I travel to foreign countries I always buy a small phrasebook/guidebook and try to learn at least a few words and phrases so that I could get by in an emergency. Now don't worry, nearly everyone in Hawaii speaks English, but its nice to have a few words and phrases in the back of your mind in case you do meet a cool Hawaiian person who wants to 'talk story' and communicate with you! Here are some of the basics - more to follow tomorrow, plus some tips on pronunciation, as depending on how you say the Hawaiian word - you could really be saying something completely different!

Hello/Goodbye: aloha

Good Morning: aloha kakahiaka

Good Evening/Night: aloha ahiahi

Thank You: mahalo

Thank You Very Much: mahalo a nui loa

Please: ke 'olu 'olu

How Are You?: pehea 'oe

Come In: e komo mai

See You Later: a hui hou

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