Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Only A Few Days To Go!

The Seattle weather today almost fooled me into thinking winter was over! No doubt, the chilly weather will be back, but not where I am headed in just 3 sleeps. That's right, I can almost see Diamond Head in my dreams I am that close to leaving for Oahu. I'm not sure if its because of the line of work that I am in, or if I am just a little bit too organized, but I have a spreadsheet ready with a complete itinerary for our trip, in order to maximize our time in the Islands. I have even scheduled in shopping time at Ala Moana, and drinking time at the Barefoot Bar! I have the important things covered. Oh, and I forgot, dinner at Alan Wong's of course!

If anyone actually reads my posts I would love some suggestions on what else to include in my itinerary - so readers - please send me your thoughts - someone has to be reading this!

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