Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Blog is Back!

I am back in Seattle, after 12 days and 11 nights of bliss. What a fabulous trip to Hawaii! I expected nothing less. I did find that I was too busy having a good time to actually sit down and blog, so not as much real-time posting as I would have liked, but hey, when you are in Hawaii you live on Hawaii time. I did however take down lots of notes and have taken a lot of pictures, so I have many memories and stories to share - the problem is where to begin! Well, the main reason for the vacation this time was Jim & Sammy's wedding - so the photo above is of John and I at the wedding - it was truly wonderful (more posts on that later).

Prepare for Natalani to get bigger and better as the days progress - I truly was inspired on this trip and I hope to keep my memories in the front of my mind until I get back to Oah'u again - hopefully in the not too distant future!

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