Thursday, February 19, 2009

Welcome to the Wyland Waikiki

I had trouble deciding on where to start when writing a recap of our vacation. I wanted to start at the flight to Hawaii on Hawaiian Airlines but I think I will save that for the end. When we arrived in Waikiki on February 6, we were so excited to get to the hotel, check in, and head to the Barefoot Bar. However, when we arrived at the Wyland Waikiki Hotel we were very surprised to see that there was a huge party about to start at the hotel pool. As it turns out, Thomas Jones from the New York Jets was staying at our hotel, along with his massive entourage, and he was hosting a Pro-Bowl party! John was beside himself, all star-struck! I didn't know who was who, so I just sat by and watched the football players arrive - I only recognize them if they have their jersey on with the number on it!

Here's some pics from the party:

Once we were able to check in at 3pm, we were pleasantly surprised with the room; it was cosy but tasteful, and we had a balcony which got lots of sun in the afternoon. The bathroom was so small that only one person could literally fit in there at any one time, but it was fine! I thought I would have trouble living in such a tight space with John for the whole time given that we have such a large house in Seattle; but actually, it was fine and it made me realize how much space we really need to survive - not much at all.

The hotel facilities were excellent; they had two pools and a hot tub, a cafe and business center in the lobby, massage chairs and x-box consoles for game junkies, great concierge services and free internet in each hotel room. We also got a copy of the Honolulu Advertiser delivered to our room each morning, which was a blast from the past - we used to get the paper delivered when we lived in our apartment and that was how we kept up with the news, not the internet! Unfortunately we did experience one problem, being noisy guests in the room next to us - we had to call security twice but they did handle the situation for us so kudos to the security staff for responding so promptly (at 2am).

We really enjoyed staying at the Wyland Waikiki and would definitely recommend to others. You can book via the Outrigger website or directly at the Wyland Waikiki website if you are planning a trip. Also, thanks to Stacy Manzo, Director of Sales and Marketing at the hotel for taking care of our internet queries and for her Island recommendations, particularly the 'Monkey Lunch' at Turtle Bay!
Room Photos:

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