Thursday, November 27, 2008

Northwest Hawaii Times

Happy Thanksgiving everyone - and Happy Birthday to me! Wow, another year comes and goes, and this year I have decided to look to the future rather than reflect on the past - I have a lot of plans and a lot to look forward to these next 10 years - better make them count.

My husband was on a work trip recently and came across this quaint newspaper called Northwest Hawaii Times. It is a collection of Hawaiian news, letters, articles and recipes for those who live in the Pacific Northwest, missing Hawaii. Unfortunately you cannot subscribe and they do not deliver, but if you email the publisher, Rochelle dela Cruz ( she will be able to let you know where the various locations are in the Northwest that you can grab a copy. If you can't find one near you the website is just as good.

In the November edition, there are stories on the following:
  • New airline service for Inter-Island Market (Mokulele Airlines)

  • Hawaii's Nets-to-Energy Program

  • 2nd Annual UKEtoberFest in Eugene, OR

  • Hawaiian Music - New Releases

  • Recipes using Papayas

Those of you who live in Seattle and the surrounding suburbs - I hope you like reading this paper - it's not the Seattle Times, but it sure has lots of aloha!

Must sign off now - the Cowboys will be on in 45 minutes!

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