Monday, November 24, 2008

NKOTB - A Night To Remember

This post has nothing to do with Hawaii; however I wanted to share my experience with you as I had the night of my life on Saturday night when I attended the New Kids on the Block concert at the Tacoma Dome, in Seattle. I had been waiting for this night for over 6 months, as I had purchased the tickets in May and was counting down the number of sleeps till the big event. NKOTB were a big part of my childhood/adolescent years, and I hate to think about how many hours I spent dreaming about how one day Joey McIntyre would finally know who I was and would whisk me away to the land of New Kids. Sadly that didn’t happen, however I got as close as I could with the tickets I had at the concert on Saturday. We had great seats, and to my surprise, there was a second stage right in the center of the floor where the New Kids performed 3 songs – right in front of where we were sitting!! My heart fell through the floor when they were performing literally a few feet in front of me, I couldn't believe it!

The concert itself was truly awesome. The two supporting acts were rockin’; both Lady GaGa and Natasha Bedingfield did a great job of getting everyone pumped for the New Kids. I was on my feet for over 3 hours, jumping up and down and screaming like a teenager. And yes, I am experiencing severe difficulty with talking today in case you were wondering....

The New Kids performed a great selection of their old and new hits, my favorites being “Please Don’t Go Girl” “Summertime” and “Click Click Click”. Their dance moves dated back to the ‘80’s, which was so funny but they did such a good job of pulling it off. The performance itself was both moving and inspiring. Towards the end of the show, they did a slideshow of people in their lives that have passed away, and I was touched to see they had included Heath Ledger, who passed away in January of this year. Danny Wood’s mother also passed away 9 years ago to breast cancer, so it was awesome to see that they were raising funds for breast cancer research at the concert. One thing I noticed about these guys was that they were so normal – it was obvious that they were so excited to be performing together, and that they felt blessed to get this opportunity again – who would have thought that they would bring the house down after 15 years apart!

I was lucky enough to have my thoughts about the concert included in an article in the Seattle Times last week (thanks Marian Liu!) – This is the first time in a long time that I have been so passionate about something, so I wanted to share it with you – if you haven’t listened to New Kids in the last 15 years, their new album is worth a listen – you can get it at Amazon. Thanks also to my husband who I dragged along to the show, who was ‘violated’ by a number of women while waiting for a beer to drown his sorrows!

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Deborah W. Halasz said...

I definitely have to agree with you that these are the most down to earth guys. I had a 5* VIP for this concert, and I had absolutely zero nerves when I went through the curtained off area to say hello. It's totally the connection with their fans and the fact that they're not doing this for the money or the fame that I think makes the whole performance just fun for them and for us!