Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hawaiian Wedding

Today is my 34 month wedding anniversary - yes the relationship is still so new that we celebrate month anniversaries (well I do anyway)! I wanted to share the story of how John and I got married, and give you the link to the reverend who married us.

We decided to get married spur of the moment - it's a long story, but we ran out of time to make a decision (I had to fly back to Sydney the next day so it literally was a time issue). So we decided yes, let's get married. Ok - so what do we do now? Hawaii is famous for weddings - so we did a google search and found a priest. It was a total business transaction:

1. Call the priest
2. Make an appointment - for 12 hours later - to get married
3. Pick a location to get married
4. Pay the fee
5. Run to Tiffanys and buy wedding rings, then head to Ala Moana Center for a wedding outfit
5. Turn up at Magic Island and get married!

That probably sounds so strange, but its literally how it happened. And despite of the strangeness of deciding and making a huge life decision in a 12 hour period - it was the best experience!

We decided to get married at Magic Island, which is right by Ala Moana Center. Great views of Waikiki and Diamond Head. We had one witness (John's best friend Jimmy) and the Reverend. We had the ceremony and then had photos taken on the beach. It was so personal and romantic. If you are planning a wedding and wish that you could elope - this is the way to do it. Apologies to my friends and family that were hurt by what we did, but this saved a lot of time, money and stress, and was what we wanted to do - and that's what is most important.

Every year when we go to back to Hawaii we get a photo at Magic Island - our upcoming vacation will be no exception.

Our wonderful Reverend's name was Jerry Le Lesch and you can reach him through his website. Enjoy the wedding pics!

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