Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hawaiian President

I wanted to write a note yesterday as it was election day, but unfortunately things in my life got a little out of control in a number of areas. So, its the day after the election and I am sure no-one is surprised that we have a new democratic party (and Hawaiian born) President - Barack Obama!!
There was a great story in USA Today about what Obama means to Hawaii - he is a source of great pride and opportunity for the Hawaiian people. How we will see this come to fruition is anyone's guess - but the fact that Obama is from Hawaii sure makes me hopeful for a better future for the Islands.

Congratulations to Obama and although I am not a US citizen I am thrilled that change is on the way for this country - it's the change we need. We have a big poster at home of the picture to the left and it sums up the feeling we all have when we think of the new President - hope. Good job Obama and we look forward to seeing you in the White House!

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