Thursday, July 30, 2009

Record Breaking Weather in Seattle

You can imagine my delight to be living in Seattle when the hottest day on record EVER is recorded! That's right, Seattle sweltered yesterday, with temps up to 105 degrees in some local suburban areas. While I love the heat, its hard to enjoy it when you are not equipped to handle it. Seattle rarely gets above 90 degrees, and when it does its only for a day here or there. Fortunately, John purchased an air conditioner for our bedroom on the weekend so we are nice and cool, however the air conditioner is so loud it makes it hard to sleep! Oh well, you can't win them all. I rushed home yesterday to get our two cats out of the heat, only to find that they prefer it vs. the chilled bedroom. Squid was born in Hawaii, so maybe that's why!

Speaking of weather, my friend and colleague Linda mentioned yesterday that Hawaii is the only state in the US that has never reached 100 degrees. Go figure! The temperature in Hawaii is fairly consistent, and when I lived there, the high temp often hovered at the 90 degree mark, but never much higher. I wonder whether we may see this change as we experience the ongoing effects of global warming? Time will tell.


Kris Nelson said...

Heard about the 105 mark on the news, that's HOT.

Great note on the fact that Hawaii has never hit 100. That's kinda surprising considering that the islands are the closest to the equator of all the states.


Wow, this weather is certainly changing and not for the better :/

Anonymous said...

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