Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello Kitty Baby Perfume!

I haven't written a post about Hello Kitty for quite a while now. I recently became obsessed with Tokidoki and love their Hello Kitty collection. However, the items are pretty expensive and I think my husband would not be impressed if I came home with a $98 Oversized Donutella Plush!!

I really need to get my Hawaii Hello Kitty list ready as I prepare for my upcoming trip. And to help me along is my friend Tommy, who just sent me a link to Hello Kitty Baby Perfume, available for sale in Hong Kong! Hello Kitty's brand new fragrance targeted to little girls and babies alike, will be on offer for HK$275 (50ml). I need to find out if its available for sale in the US - and if so - where I can get some! Ok yes, it is for babies, but how can you not smile at the thought of Hello Kitty perfume for babies - just what will marketers think of next?

So far, I have the following HK items on my Hawaii shopping list - does anyone else have any suggestions?

Hello Kitty/Tokidoki Notebook
Hello Kitty Cell Phone Charm: Bunny - Pink
Hello Kitty Ice Pop Molds

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