Tuesday, August 4, 2009

When Does an Australian Become an American?

On my Facebook page over the weekend, an old friend from my high school days commented on how he thought I had become 'American'. Was this a compliment? I don't think so, but I will need to confirm. However, he got me thinking about my life since moving to the US and what has changed so drastically that someone would think I was becoming American. Here is my take on the main things that have changed since moving here almost three years ago (on August 19 it will be three years!!):

1. My mum is now called 'MOM'

2. I no longer wear jumpers; I wear sweaters

3. I don't go on holidays any more; I take vacations

4. I would never hang my laundry on the clothesline out the back of my house: 1. Because we don't have a clothesline and 2. that's what a dryer is for

5. I now about 20 pounds heavier (not kilograms) thanks to all the awful fast food on every corner, no matter which direction you look

6. I think President Obama is awesome

7. I say the word 'like' more than I care to admit

8. I have a strange Aussie/American accent; similar to Nicole Kidman in 'Bewitched'

9. Dallas Cowboys are my favorite football team (Canterbury Bulldogs? Who?)

10. 'Bold and the Beautiful' is the new 'Home and Away'

Despite all these changes, I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my new American way of life and all the opportunities it has brought my way. Here's to more strange words, hamburgers and living the American dream!


hiker_girl said...

I don't think any of those changes are bad, necessarily, other than maybe the plethora of fast food everywhere. However, I do have to say I hang my clothes to dry (in summertime anyway) and did have to put up a clothesline to do it. ;-) And I do love our President. :-)

Anonymous said...

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