Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Time for a Hawaiian Summer

Summer is here and thanks to my colleague and friend Mariella Souflis I thought I would share some thoughts and pictures to get you ready for a Hawaiian summer. Although it is warm all year round in Hawaii, it gets particularly hot and humid during the summer months. I moved to Hawaii in August and at the time it felt like a heat wave. So, with that in mind, here are some tips for keeping cool this summer:
Hawaii has lots of trees - perfect for staying out of the sun while keeping warm. But remember, just because there is shade doesn't mean you are completely protected from the sun - be sure to lather on the SPF regularly.

There is no better place than Hawaii in summertime to hit the beach! The water temperature can get close to 80 degrees during August and September - which is still cooler than the outside air!
If you will be in Maui, why not check out some of the local beaches see what the keiki get up to in their own island backyard. This photo was taken in Maui with some of the cutest Hawaiian kids I have ever met.
If you head to Waikiki Beach during the summer, then you must visit Dukes Waikiki. Grab a cocktail and a bite to eat, and check out their twitter feed for the latest updates on local bands and upcoming events.
Your summer adventure would not be complete without enjoying a Hawaiian sunset. Enjoy the summer and experience all that Hawaii has to offer!

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