Wednesday, June 10, 2009

O'ahu Population Is On The Rise...Slowly

According to a new study just out, the island of O'ahu will add nearly 33,000 people by 2025, with forecasts based on U.S. Census Bureau population data. I'm hoping that I am included in that number!

The projected growth rate of Honolulu and surrounding suburbs ranks 201 among 250 U.S. metropolitan areas studied by bizjournals.

Honolulu is expected to grow 3.6% from its 2005 population of 899,673 to a 2025 population of 932,587, an increase of 32,914 residents, according to the report.

What's also interesting - The Big Island is expected to grow even faster. The Hilo area ranked 37 out of 250 U.S. metro cities with a projected growth rate of 43% by 2025. The Big Island is expected to grow from 164,462 residents in 2005 to 235,367 in 2025.

To read more about this study and to see where your city ranks in population growth, visit the bizjournals website.

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