Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hawaii Blogger Profile - Pam Mandel

I had the chance to connect with some amazing Hawaii bloggers in the last month, via email and thanks to Today, I have decided to spotlight Pam Mandel, author of Nerd's Eye View, and World Hum -- Hawaii: Holoholo Wale.

Pam currently lives in Seattle and travels to Hawaii about every two years. She started blogging in 2007 and when asked why she chose Hawaii as a subject, in her words: “I'm enchanted. Really, it's like I'm under some kind of spell. When World Hum asked me what topic I wanted to cover, in Hawaii was at the top of my list.” Her main focus is Island culture.

Pam tries to reach readers who are interested in Hawaii beyond just being tourists; she likes to target people who want to know more about Hawaiian culture, politics, and the ecosystem; independent travelers who are interested in seeing places with more than the transitory vacationers set of eyes.

When I asked Pam about how she spreads the word about her blog, she mentions that she can’t shut up about it! I love this – and the fact that she backs it up with social media channels is great too. When you are passionate about something it’s easy to talk about it. And writer’s block? Forget it, she can’t even imagine that day, and when it happens, she may move on.

Pam’s inspiration comes from the warmth and generosity of the Hawaiian people. She cares about the history of the native Hawaiians, ways to protect and share Hawaiian culture and nature, and is continually excited by Hawaii's diversity. She also has a thing for Hawaiian music (just look at her picture for proof!)

Hot topics on her blogs include politics and photos that she shares with her readers are also popular. For those who already have a blog or are planning on starting one, Pam recommends that you make time to read other Hawaii blogs and get to know the people behind them. She emphasizes, “Bring your own aloha; you'll get more than you can imagine back in return.”

Finally, I asked Pam: “If you could share one special idea/thing/thought about Hawaii what would it be?”

Her answer: “The aloha spirit is real. When you find yourself in the middle of the warmth and generosity of the people that live in Hawaii, you are experiencing the best Hawaii has to offer. Sure, the nature and the climate are near perfect, but the true marvel about Hawaii is the aloha spirit.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Thanks to Pam for sharing her thoughts on Hawaii and being an awesome Hawaii blogger. More blogger profiles coming soon.

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A Maui Blog said...

Pam / @nerdseyeview rocks! I first "met" her through Blogher but the real "connection" started when I joined twitter and followed her :)

Thanks for featuring her Natalani :)