Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why Do I Love Hawaii?

I was lying in bed last night wide awake, thinking about many things, but one thing in particular: what is it about Hawaii that makes me want to live it, breathe it, share it? The top things that came to my mind were:

The warm sun that you see and feel almost every day of the year

The smell of the ocean

The fresh local produce, especially the seafood

The feeling of peace and harmony, that is always with you

Being content with the way of life in the Islands

The people that you meet every day - I have met very few unhappy people in Hawaii

Isolation from the rest of the world

And its for those reasons that I would jump on a plane and move back to Hawaii - in a heartbeat.


A Maui Blog said...

You totally get it - those reasons are true to me too on why I love living on Maui :)

Kris Nelson said...

I echo the one about peace and harmony. There is such a different mindset there that the rest of the world could certainly benefit from.

When we were planning our first trip to Hawaii many years ago, I always thought the isolation would be a downside. Now that my wife and I view Maui as our getaway home, it has certainly been a big plus!