Friday, April 3, 2009

The Airport Shirt

On one of my first trips to Hawaii as a tourist, I bought this shirt from American Eagle. It was on sale and it had my two favorite colors together, green and pink. For some reason I started wearing this shirt when I traveled on airplanes, especially to and from Hawaii. Because I would wear it every time I left Hawaii before John and I were married and finally living together in Hawaii, it always made him really sad. He would always say, "why do you always have to wear the airport shirt? I want to throw up when I see that shirt!" So, since moving to Hawaii permanently, I have never worn this shirt on an airplane ever again. It does hang in my closet and I am tempted to wear it every day because I love it so much. But, when I see how sad it makes John each time I talk about it....I leave it on the hanger.

Now that we live together and have been married for over 3 years, maybe its time to give up the shirt. The only reason I guess I keep it now is it reminds me of Hawaii. Perhaps when we finally move back, I will wear it for one last hoorah on the one way flight to Honolulu - then it can go to a better place - goodwill!

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