Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Hawaiian Shopping Secret is....Nine West

I don't really want to share my shopping secret with the world so if you are a size 7 1/2 shoe, please close this page now! I have always been a big shopper and I love the thrill of scoring a good bargain. Here in the US there are so many stores that are always on sale, that it makes it very hard for me to say no. In Hawaii, there is some amazing shopping, particularly in Waikiki, and at Ala Moana Center. As one of my favorite colleagues at work, Jordana has a thing for a pair of my shoes, so I had to tell her that I got them from Nine West in Waikiki. It got me thinking about just how many pairs of shoes I have actually bought from this particular Nine West Store....when I lived in Waikiki I would buy at least one pair of shoes there every month, and every time I have gone back for vacation I have picked up at least two pairs....leading me to a very big collection of Nine West shoes. The reason I visit so often - their prices are amazing. Every time I go there, they are having the sale of all sales and I can often pick up two pairs of shoes for under $40. I think the reason that they are always on sale is because people don't usually visit Waikiki Beach to go shoe shopping (the store is right across the street) - but I do! Here's a pic of all the shoes I have purchased from this Nine West store in the last 2 years - yes I am addicted to their shoes, but I am very addicted to the price!

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jordana said...

Love this post and will definitely take you up on your offer to hook me up next time you go! When are we going to go shopping in Seattle??