Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day for Hawaii Lovers

It's hard to believe that almost 12 months ago, our good friends Jimmy and Sammy were getting married on the beach in Hawaii.  Happy 1st anniversary you two!  With Valentine's Day approaching, I wanted to put together my top three Valentine's Day must-haves for those who either live in Hawaii, or who love Hawaii and would like some sweet treats to remind them of the Islands (husband, hint hint):

1. Flip Flops - While I would love a pair of designer flip flops, I know I would not get the most value out of them, so I prefer to go with cute designs at lower prices, and I can get 4-5 pairs per year.  My favorite designs are from Paul Frank, seen below.

2. Hawaiian Pearls - There are lots of great Hawaiian jewelry stores in Hawaii, and in fact, many of them have stores on the mainland as well. I have always wanted some fancy pearls, and I would love to get some that are either pink or chocolate in color, such as the ones below from Maui Divers Jewelry:

3. Hawaiian Lei - There's no better way to say "Aloha Au Ia 'Oe" (I love you in Hawaiian) than with a flower lei. Leis are made with a range of different Hawaiian flowers and are often made with nuts, seeds and shells for special occasions. Here's a picture of a beautiful lei, and many companies deliver to the US mainland so no excuses that you aren't in Hawaii!

Thanks to my friends at Orange Violet for the Valentine's Day inspiration!


Wren said...

You have a very nice blog!

Kris said...

I went down the lei route, needless to say being greeted with a lovely flower lei in the middle of a snowy Chicago winter is an instant heart warmer.

Natalie Surowiecki said...

Good Job Kris - love it!

Amy said...

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Amy said...

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