Friday, February 12, 2010

Blogging Inspiration

I am trying to read more blogs, websites and other travel related material, not only for blog inspiration, but to expand my knowledge in general.  There are good days and bad days; sometimes I find blogs and feel so depressed that I have such a long way to go, but other days I read things and I can put things into perspective, in terms of my writing quality and quantity. 

Today I came across this amazing blog, The Road Forks - 'where food and travel intersect'.  When I read this blog, it inspired me to want to take my writing to the next level.  Not only do I love Hawaii, I am a foodie and a world traveler at heart and I really want to be able to share more of those experiences as my life unfolds.  Seeing this blog made me realize that I just need to write about the things that are important to me, in a timely fashion, and variety is the spice of life.  While my blog will continue to be about Hawaii, I think its time for a little more in terms of travel news, travel tips, and travel inspiration.  Thanks Akila and Patrick for helping me see the light.  Happy Friday!

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a Maui Blog said...

My suggestion is to just "blog away". When you take a long break, the tendency is "it's hard to get into the groove again". But don't let that stop you. Jump back, make a list of topics you'd like to "talk story" about and then post like you are talking story about it. (I know you've heard that phrase "talk story" here on Hawaii :)

I enjoy reading your posts so it keep it up :)