Thursday, January 7, 2010

Planning Vacations for 2010

While I love my job and need it to pay the bills – I sometimes think the benefit of 4 weeks of vacation is better than the job itself! Coming from Sydney, where 4 weeks of vacation is the law, I was lucky to find a company in the US that also offers 4 weeks of vacation (with the option to buy an extra week as well!). But what to do with 4 weeks’ vacation? I am a big believer of using up vacation time – after all, isn’t that what’s it’s for? I have toyed with the idea of taking off every Friday for 12 months to use up my vacation time, but does that really give you the proper break from work that you truly need. I don’t think so anyway!

This year I am all about the vacation – although the country is still in a recession, there are some small signs of improvement, and there are still big travel savings to be had. So for the traveler like me, it means that I can get some good deals and see more of the globe than I could have perhaps a few years ago. My destination list is LONG. And with my husband adding in his travel must-haves, the list is getting even longer. In fact, this weekend I am presenting my travel ‘new business’ pitch – to my husband in order to convince him of why we need to travel to so many places this year, and how I plan to pay for it. So, as a sneak peek – here are my top 10 travel destinations for 2010 (in no particular order) – and if I get to go to 5 I will be happy!

1. Mexico

2. Florida

3. New York

4. Australia

5. Alaska

6. Europe – that’s BIG – so may have to break it down a little

7. Tahiti

8. Hawaii

9. Las Vegas

10. Washington DC – Well the White House anyway

Wish me luck on the new biz pitch……

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