Friday, May 8, 2009

Things Are Looking Up for Oahu Hotels

Although the travel and tourism industry could be doing better, there is some encouraging news out of O'ahu today. Oahu hotel room occupancy grew 2.2% to 75.1% for the week ending May 2. But, compared with the same week last year, statewide occupancy fell 2.9% to 64.8%.

Good news for travelers (like me) though - room rates on O'ahu and statewide fell as well, each down about 11 percent to average $156 and $172 a night, respectively. Perfect if you are still trying to decide where to head for your summer vacation.

Other occupancy and average room rates for the other Hawaiian Islands are as follows:

Maui occupancy dropped 8.9% to 56.6%, while room rates slid 13% to $212;

Kauai occupancy plummeted 12.7% to 49.6%, while room rates were down nearly 12% to $172; and

Big Island occupancy decreased 4.4% to 52.3%, while room rates were off about 1% to $174.

This Hawaii hotel industry snapshot is thanks to Smith Travel Research and Hospitality Advisors.

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