Monday, May 18, 2009

I Really Thought I Was In Hawaii

This past weekend in Seattle was amazing, weather wise. We wait a long time for the sun to come out and when it finally appears, it doesn't disappoint. Saturday was superb, so I headed outside as soon as I could to get as much vitamin D as my skin could absorb. With me I took:

Lemon Drop Cocktail (and it wasn't just one)
Novel: "Here Today, Gone to Maui", by Carol Snow

So, I sat in my backyard and soaked up the sun, and as I got into the book, I really thought I was in Hawaii (or maybe it was the Lemon Drops)! It was great to feel the sun on my skin, to smell the sunscreen, and to be so hot that I had to go inside and cool down - it's been a while since that has happened.

I am taking a few days off over the Memorial Day weekend, so I hope that mother nature is as kind to me as she was this weekend - all I need now is a new book!


A Maui Blog said...

Nice - glad you had that feeling :)

How's that book you read? I saw that at Barnes and Noble and was curious how it is ...

Natalie Surowiecki said...

The book was awesome! Easy to read and it made me feel like I was on vacation - I would definitely reccommend it to you :)