Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Aloha Hawaiian Grill

I am always looking for tasty Hawaiian-style food in Seattle. On our way to the Mariner's baseball game a couple of weeks ago, we stopped at Aloha Hawaiian Grill in Kent for dinner. I had driven past many times before and never been in, and I am glad we finally decided to check it out. One of my pet hates is a lack of authenticity when referring to Hawaiian food, culture, etc. So I was pleasantly surprised when I walked in to hear soft Hawaiian music playing in the background, and the kid at the counter proudly displaying a tattoo of the Hawaiian Islands, nice!

Hawaiian food has its share of weird and interesting concoctions. So, I decided to get the garlic shrimp with rice and mac salad. The shrimp were so delicious - they actually gave Giovanni's Shrimp Truck a run for their money! And mac salad, well its hard to get that wrong - it was just as I remembered it. John had katsu chicken - and there was so much chicken that he was unable to finish it all, which is most unusual!

The food was great, at an affordable price. If you like Hawaiian food, why not visit Aloha Hawaiian Grill in Kent or Puyallup. Check out their menu on the website so you can pick your favorite item before you get there. They also do catering too. Thanks to for the photo of the storefront in Kent!

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Kris Nelson said...

Sometimes I'm jealous of folks on the west coast for numerous reasons, and having more Hawaiian inspired dining options is one of them.

We have a place here in the suburbs of Chicago named Kona Grill. It sort of has a little island inspiration, but also have a full sushi menu and a few other options that aren't necessarily island related. They do have the best Hawaiian pizza I've been able to find on this side of the Pacific, as well as dishes like Macadamia Nut Chicken and Big Island Meatloaf.

My biggest pet peeve with the place, however, is that they have a great salad called the Hana Salad. I order it every time, yet the server consistently mispronounces it the "Hannah" salad, as in the Montana variety. Argh. :)