Monday, March 23, 2009

Hawaii Do’s and Don’ts

I watched an interesting show on the Travel Channel over the weekend called “Hawaii Do’s and Don’ts”. The show was filmed in 2007, so although it was a little out of date, many of the points they offered to people planning to visit the Islands were still relevant. If you are planning a trip to Hawaii anytime soon, be sure to keep these do’s and don’ts on your radar:

When in Hawaii:

· Slow down to Hawaiian speed
· Say ‘aloha’ – this can be used to say hello and goodbye
· Book inter-island flights early to get the best deals and cheapest fares
· Plan for rainy days in Hawaii – it does happen from time to time
· Check if your hotel has a beach nearby – The Big Island has many hotels that are not walking distance to the beach, so if that’s important to you, ask before you book

· Bring your bad driving habits with you to the Islands – always let people in/out of traffic and don’t your horn in anger – this is considered to be very rude
· Believe that Hawaii is merely grass shacks and hula girls – the Islands are very rich in culture
· Believe that all the Islands are the same – they are very diverse and all have something unique to offer
· Go surfing on the North Shore of O’ahu during winter if you are a first time surfer – waves at this time of the year are huge and you could be in for a pounding
· Forget your golf clubs – there are nearly 100 courses over 6 Islands

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