Friday, May 7, 2010

Le Creuset - Time to Cook

In a former life I used to work at a seafood cooking school in Sydney - you may have heard of it (Sydney Seafood School @ Sydney Fish Market).  Before I started working at the cooking school I was also studying Hospitality Management at college, as I always dreamed of building my career in the hospitality industry.  While my career path has taken a slight turn, my love of food and cooking has never left my side, and when I received an email from Jason at CSN, I was so excited.  Thanks to the team at CSN I have the opportunity to select a product from one of their many different stores and write a review of the product.  I have decided to go with a Le Creuset stock pot, because not only do I love cooking soups, I love to cook in advance so that I have meals prepared during the week.  I can't wait to cook my first soup with the stockpot and will be sure to post photos of me cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

If you haven't heard of CSN Stores, they have over 200 online stores and sell anything you could ever want or need for your home, from kitchen appliances to recessed lighting!  I hope to get my lovely Le Creuset pot in the next week or so...stay tuned!

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