Monday, May 10, 2010

Everyone Likes Lava

Iceland is not the only place that you can witness a lava eruption. The breakout of lava at Kalapana on the Big Island over the last week has caused a surge in visitors looking to get some snapshots to add to their vacation album.  While seeing lava flow in all it's glory is amazing, its not something that we can control.  One day, the lava may be flowing for all to see; the next day, not so much. 

Since last week the parking area at the end of Highway 130 has seen large crowds - all hoping to see the volcano in all its glory, but unfortunately Madame Pele has her own agenda.

Officials had to close a portion of the access road after lava crawled over the pavement. But for many, this has brought frustration as it can be hard to see the lava from a few hundred yards away.  While it may sound tempting to get close to the lava, a reminder that its HOT!  And those who trespass risk more then a $500 fine and up to 30 days in jail. 

If you are in the area why not call the Lava Viewing Hotline prior to your visit to check on conditions?  The number is (808) 961-8093. By calling in advance you can check to see whether it's worth the long drive to witness a lava eruption, or not, as the case may be.  During my visit to the Big Island, I was lucky enough to see lava flowing into the ocean, but was never close enough to witness the amazing red glow.  If you really want a birds-eye view, why not head out in a helicopter or charted boat?  Talk about an amazing experience.

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