Thursday, December 18, 2008

Honolulu City Lights

Every year downtown Honolulu gets a visit from Santa and his Hawaiian friends at the annual Honolulu City Lights Celebration. 2008 marks the 24th year of this tradition, where you will see the many wonderful characteristics and uniqueness of the people of Hawaii and their island home. The theme of the lights this year is "Ku'u Home - Our Home" - where Honolulu is highlighted and displayed as a special place where diverse cultures intertwine, where history blends, and where the Spirit of Aloha is embraced and shared with families, friends and visitors.

The City Lights Celebration will continue now through the end of December, so if you are heading to the Islands for the holidays, be sure to head downtown (in the evening for the best look) to witness this special display. For more information visit the website.

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Jim III said...

Sammy and I were there LAST NIGHT! I was going to take pics and send them to you as a recommendation or idea for a post....guess you had that one already!!
LOL...Merry Christmas guys!!
uh...excuse me...Mele Kalikimaka!!