Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 Hawaii Bowl

I stayed up way past my usual bedtime on Saturday night to watch the Hawaii Warriors play their final game of the season, against the Cincinnati Bearcats. To my disappointment, Hawaii lost it in the final quarter of the game, final score being 29-24. Bummer. They had a much better season last year with Colt Brennan as quarterback, but he has now moved on and is the 3rd starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins – too bad he hasn’t had a chance to play this season.....

The good news for the Warriors is that they get to go the Hawaii Bowl at Aloha Stadium on December 24! Bad news – they are playing Notre Dame, who have had a less than impressive season this year, finishing at 6-6. The Irish have played in Hawaii three times before. The Irish played in the 1984 Aloha Bowl, losing 27-20 to SMU. The Irish also traveled to Hawaii to play the Warriors twice, beating them 48-42 in 1991 and 23-22 in 1997.

I went to the Hawaii Bowl a couple of years back – and it was awesome! Hawaii wasn’t playing unfortunately, but it was still a fun afternoon out. When Hawaii plays in the Hawaii bowl, the turnout is much higher and the die-hard Hawaii fans turn out in droves to support their team. The fact that the game is on Christmas Eve is a draw card for me, as in Hawaii you are definitely NOT sitting by the fire, drinking hot chocolate and singing Christmas carols! You are at the beach, shopping, or – at the Hawaii Bowl!

If you are going to be in Hawaii over the holiday season, why don’t you head out to Aloha Stadium and support the Warriors? You can purchase tickets at Aloha Stadium website. For those who will not be in Hawaii, the game will be broadcast on ESPN. Enjoy the game and GO WARRIORS!

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