Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pop Up Hotel!

Now this is cool. We've all heard of pop up retail stores (although if you live in the suburbs like me it's unlikely that you have experienced one). But this story takes the pop-up store to a whole new level.  Design Hotels, which handles reservations globally for independently owned hotels, recently announced an innovation in the lodging industry: a pop-up hotel.

The hotel is in Tulum, Mexico and features 99 cabanas, most with private bathrooms, a spa with treatments based on Mayan healing practices and restaurants run by KaterHolzig, a hot Berlin club, and 42°RAW, a Copenhagen restaurant whose food is cooked at 42 degrees Celsius or below.

Would you stay at a pop up hotel?  What about a pop-up hotel in Hawaii?  I'd be willing to give it a try!

* Photo courtesy of Design Hotels

1 comment:

linda said...

that sounds amazing, raw vegan food AND the gorgeous beaches of tulum...why didn't i hear of this sooner?! definitely would love to see a pop-up hotel in hawaii!