Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is Your Favorite Hawaiian Food?

Its 4pm and I am hungry. My mom is still saying with us so tonight so I am planning on preparing a special meal - Armando Percuoco's famous Truffled Egg Pasta from Buon Ricordo. I was dreaming about this dish earlier and it got me thinking about Hawaiian food and how much I love the regional cuisine there. My favorite Hawaiian food would have to be Poke, followed closely by Mac Salad - food from both ends of the spectrum!

Do you have a favorite Hawaiian food? Please share it so I can drool some more!


Kris Nelson said...

My latest would have to be kalua pork, and I'm looking forward to grabbing a few more bites in 2 weeks. Everything to plate lunches to burritos at Maui Tacos.


Natalie Surowiecki said...

Awesome, that sounds soooo delicious. Thanks for sharing Kris and can't wait to read about your upcoming trip!